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African Law &Tech Network Summit 2024


The African Law & Tech Network (ALT Network) Summit returns in March 2024, set to be hosted in the vibrant city of Kigali, Rwanda.


This dynamic gathering is a must-attend event for legal practitioners, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and regulators. The summit features an expertly crafted program with keynote speeches, engaging fireside chats, insightful panels, business-to-business sessions, and interactive breakout sessions led by industry pioneers.


Attendees will have an unparalleled opportunity for professional development, networking, and contributing to shaping Africa's tech-legal landscape. Join us for this significant event to bridge the gap between technology and law in Africa.

September 2023

The Deal Room

September 25th-27th 

The DEAL ROOM is a dynamic three (3) days B2B matchmaking event that transcends boundaries and opens doors to unprecedented growth. 

This event's mission is to foster the growth of legacy companies in Africa. We understand that the journey to legacy status involves the power of cross-sectoral partnerships. It's about seamlessly combining the strengths of diverse industries to scale businesses, innovate, and create lasting impact.


This dynamic event serves as a nexus, bringing together the visionaries, thought leaders, and industry experts shaping Africa's future. We're creating a unique platform for discussions, connections, and potential partnerships that have the potential to reshape industries.


The heart of our event lies in the belief that by uniting executives from sectors as varied as finance, technology, Agriculture, healthcare, and more, we can uncover the hidden possibilities that emerge at the crossroads of collaboration. These are the very intersections where legacy companies are forged.

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